034-16 Tall Vase $50

This vase was turned from a nice piece of Manitoba Maple. It is designed to display dried or plastic flower or bud stems. The grey and black spalting and the brown/red stain develops naturally in this wood. The vase is approximately 10" tall x 4-1/4" dia. (25.5 x 11 cm).

052-16 String Top $20

This String Top was turned from a small piece of Macassar Ebony with a stem of Maple. A unique feature of the design is that the string rewinds itself as the top is spun. It is 3-1/2 diameter (9 cm).

061-16 Pepper grinder/Salt Shaker $55

The unique design and fittings in this turning nicely combine a salt shaker with a traditional Pepper Grinder . It has been turned from a piece of Crabapple. Salt is loaded by removal of the shaker cap. The top salt resovoir is removed to load pepper. The unit is approximately 6" (17 cm) tall.

051-16 String Top $20

This Top was turned from a small piece of stained and spalted Manitoba Maple with a stem of Macassar Ebony. The grey/blue spalt lines and the yellowish stain occur naturally in this wood. The handle is turned from a small piece of quilted maple. The top is 5-1/2" diameter (14 cm).

060-16 Pepper Grinder $70

The unique design of this grinder provides a nice setting for highlighting the grain of the piece of Larch from which the grinder was turned. It is 11-1/2" tall (29 cm).

064-16 Drop Spindle $40

This drop Spindle was turned from a small piece of Walnut. The beautiful brown colour of the Walnut has been enhanced with the contrasting satin silver colour of the metal band insert. The spindle is 2-1/4" (6 cm) diameter and weighs 40 grams.

062-16 Pepper Grinder $70.

The flowing form of this Pepper Grinder is greatly enhanced by the beautiful grain patterns in this piece of Mahogany. The grinder mechanism is easily adjusted to produce a range of pepper sizes from fine to coarse. The grinder is approximately 8" tall (15 cm).

063-16 Drop Spindle $35 SOLD

This Drop Spindle was turned from a small piece of stained and spalted Maple. The spalt lines and the brownish red stain occur naturally in this wood. The curly/wavy lines of the grain also enhance the beauty of the wood. The diameter of the spindle is 2-1/2" (6.5 cm) and it weighs 21 grams.

014-16 Small Wall Clock $45 SOLD

The centre piece of this clock was turned from a small piece of Walnut. Beautiful pieces of quilted Maple were used to frame and nicely contrast with the brown Walnut. Brass rod, which matches the rim of the clock, holds the form together. The form is 6" wide x 10" high (15 x 25.5 cm). The central unit is 2-3/4" diameter (7 cm).

027-16 Shallow Plate $45

This plate was turned from a piece of Oak which was cut from a "crotch" where two branches of the tree joined. The the interesting grain patterns and the notch occurred because of this growth pattern. The plate could be used as a serving plate or it could be a display piece on a shelf or on a wall. It is 10.5" diameter (27 cm).